Bulk purchase

Save big with Bulk Licensing.

Labs holding greater than 6 licenses already are eligible for bulk license pricing.
First-time buyers can qualify for bulk licenses if 6 or more are purchased at once.

Bulk pricing scale
Number of licenses:

% Discount vs Platinum Edition:

Total % Discount vs regular license:

Effective price per license:
6-10 7% 38.9% 604.50
11-20 10% 40.9% 585.00
21-30 20% 47.5% 520.00
31-40 25% 50.8% 487.50
41-50 30% 54.0% 455.00
51+ 35% 57.3% 422.50

*Prices are subject to change without notice. 

Bulk license terms

The VIM Bulk version includes:

  • 1 Unlimited* Use OL_Monitor.
  • Overdue COLORS and sounds!
  • 3 months online and phone support*

*The "Enterprise" or "Unlimited" labels that may appear are not related to the licensing terms.  The license terms are 1 license per installed pc.

*Bulk licensing support terms:
All support for Ol_Monitor should be routed through the LIS department before requesting support for Ol_Monitor.  All problem reports submitted by individual users will be stored but deleted after 10 days, unless an email is received from the LIS department in charge of Ol_Monitor issues.

*Extended support pricing:
Extended support scales at a rate of $10 a month per license.

How to order
How to order:
I can send a quote to you or to your purchasing department.  Typically your purchasing department will take the invoice, get the required tax and contact information, create a purchase order, and handle payment. I will send your software on cd and provide a link for download.  If you need support after the support period is over the charge is $75.00 per incident + $40 per hour.  After the code is revised I will send you the upgraded software via mail or over the web your choice and the item will be billed.

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