Pay less for every license purchased.

Every additional license purchased receives a progressive discount.
Labs holding greater than 6 licenses already are eligible for bulk license pricing.
First-time buyers can qualify for bulk licenses if 6 or more are purchased at once.

The prices shown below are for OlMonitor 2.X versions.
OlMonitor 1.X versions are no longer available for purchase. Support is limited for 1.X versions (unless an Extended Support plan has been purchased).
License terms have been updated for 2.X versions and include a small annual maintenance fee.
Returning customer?

SynapSonic keeps tabs on how many licenses your organization holds and will provide you with a maximally-discounted quote:

Types of payment accepted

Purchase orders  are gladly accepted and seem to be the most popular option for most hospitals. Software will be delivered upon receipt of approved purchase order.

Credit Cards  are also accepted. To enable on-line payment you will need to request a quote and when you are ready, ask us to convert the quote to an invoice.
(SynapSonic is not able to accept credit card payments over the phone at this time.)

License type

The OL Monitor license is no longer a perpetual license. A small annual maintenance fee is required to continue use of OL Monitor.
Annual maintenance fee may be lower per license depending on how many licenses your institution possesses.
The support period however is limited. You have the option to purchase extended support for as far into the future as you see fit.
If your support period has expired you may still purchase extended support if you need help with the software.


  • PL Module
  • The PL (Pending log) module allows you to pull data from the pending log.
  • $549
  • See future collections
  • Specify a dynamic range of time to view.
  • Pending log data can be displayed alone or combined with data from Overdue Log
  • Great for phlebotomy
  • Add-on for OL Monitor (not a standalone application)
  • Request quote
  • OL Monitor
  • The OL_Monitor is the primary application for monitoring outstanding tests.
  • $990
  • Easy Turn-around times
  • Easy Filtering
  • Change FONT Size, Type, and Style
  • OL_Monitor license - "Full" version. 1 license per installed PC.
  • Advanced options.
  • Encryption and security features.
  • Request quote
  • HRP Module
  • The HRP module allows you to pull data from the HRP report logs.
  • $549
  • See restricted/uncollected/nurse/micro collections
  • See data from "Orders not processed" log
  • HRP log data can be displayed alone or combined with data from Overdue Log and/or PL log
  • ADT Error log Report
  • Order Entry Error log Report
  • Add-on for OL Monitor (not a standalone application)
  • Request quote

Additional Ol Monitor License Pricing

  • First Additional license
  • 10% discount for first additional license.
  • $890
  • Request quote
  • Second Additional license
  • 15% discount for first additional license.
  • $840
  • Request quote
  • 3rd, 4th, or 5th license
  • 20% discount for first additional license.
  • $740
  • Request quote


  • "Free" support
  • Email and online support.
  • After the support period for the license has expired, limited free support is still provided. Any questions requiring less than 10 minutes to resolve do not require "extended" support.
  • Incidental support
  • If you need immediate support after the support period is over the charge is $75.00 per incident + $60 per hour.
  • Request immediate support
  • Extended support
  • You can extend your support at any time.
  • With extended support you get:
  • Remote troubleshooting and help.
  • Analyze debug logs to determine the root of any problems.
  • Implementation of your desired ideas, features, controls, options, and reports to the code.
  • Optimize your filters, sorts, and turnaround times.
  • Add site specific code to execute based on conditions you specify.
  • Create help material for your staff.
  • Support for older (1.X) versions of OL Monitor
  • Request quote
Extended support pricing scale
Number of Months Cost per month
2 $95.00
3 $80.00
4 $75.00
5 $70.00
6 $65.00
7 $60.00
8 $55.00
9 $50.00
10 $45.00
11 $40.00
12 $40.00
Licensing terms:

*The "Enterprise" or "Unlimited" labels that may appear in product documentation are not related to the licensing terms.  The license terms are 1 license per installed pc.

Order fulfillment:

Typically your purchasing department will take the quote, get the required tax and contact information and create a purchase order.  The quote is converted to an invoice with your serial and shipment tracking link.  I will send your software on CD and provide a link for download. (Bulk licenses and add-on modules are typically digital delivery but a CD can be sent upon request.)


Individual installations of OL_Monitor are the property of the license holder. OL_Monitor is an extension of Smartermâ„¢ and Sunquestâ„¢, and access to it should be restricted just as computer access is restricted within your institution. Patient information retrieval, storage, and display all reside solely on the PC running OL_Monitor, and is not transmitted in any fashion to another location. The responsibility for any patient information rests with the license holder.