Smarterm window

Smarterm window

Normally you should not have to interact with the Smarterm script.

When Smarterm is first called by OlMonitor the Smarterm window will show, after a few seconds it will be moved to the background.   If you do not want to be seeing the Smarterm window you can choose to hide it under the advanced options tab.

The Smarterm script interacts with Sunquest to call up the outstanding log and save the data.

The script needs a Sunquest logon id, password, and logon string to connect to the Sunquest server.   You specify the logon password etc. in the Options window of OlMonitor.  

If for whatever reason the script is unable to logon automatically, you may be able to login yourself at this screen and the script will continue from the Sunquest 'FUNCTION: ' prompt.


*Sunquest/CPL versions of Ol Monitor only.

HMS does not have this.


1 . OlMonitor.stwOlMonitor.stw


OlMonitor.stw is the Smarterm session configuration file for OlMonitor.   It contains the Sunquest IP and information about the INI file if present.   It is located in the OlMonitor application folder.


2 . Macro buttonMacro button

Macro button

If you need to stop the macro press the green macro button and click the Stop Macro button.

You cannot directly view or modify the Ol Monitor Smarterm macro except for the Session_Connect portion.   To locate this section go into the macro section of Smarterm and select 'Predefined Session Macros'.   Modifying the startup macro is not recommended.


3 . Status messageStatus message

Status message

The script displays any messages in the upper right corner.


4 . CountdownCountdown


The countdown remaining till the next refresh cycle is displayed here.


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