HMS tab

HMS tab

HMS LIS only.   Here is where you set the folder path to monitor and filename template.

1 . Folder to monitorFolder to monitor

Folder to monitor

Enter the path to monitor.   This will be the mapped network drive where the pending log files are found.


2 . FilenameFilename


Enter the filename template here.   This must match the filename that is coming down from the server.

The program is actually pretty flexible here.   In the example 'Test.tx' will work for any file named 'Test'.   It does not check the extension part of the name.  

The extension part of the name is used later in the process.   After the new logfile from the server is detected, Ol Monitor will make a copy of that file and name the copies sequentially using the template.   So in your network folder you will end up with 11 files named 'Test.tx1, Test.tx2, ...' and the server file.   The file from the server, presumably named 'Test.txt', is never written to or read by Ol Monitor.   Ol Monitor makes a copy as quickly as possible to avoid any file access collisions.   Ol Monitor then analyzes the copy.

For this reason you need to give the Ol Monitor pc read and write permissions to the mapped network folder.

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