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The help menu contains a variety of ways to get help with OlMonitor.  

The Problem Report is the best way to begin getting live help with your problem, it will send the configuration information and logfiles that are vital for understanding the problem you are having.   The problem report uses Smarterm to aggregate and send this information.   If Smarterm is not functioning at all this will not be possible, and you will have to manually locate the olprocesslog file.  



1 . Generate problem reportGenerate problem report

Generate problem report

If you have emailed or called for support with a problem, you will often be asked to send a 'Problem report'.

It sounds difficult, but I have tried to make the process as simple as possible.


You can also generate a problem report and have it sent by ftp* if you don't want to hassle with having to email or call support.   Be sure to include some contact info if you want to be called/emailed back about the issues you are having.

See the Support page for detailed instructions on Problem Reports.

When you click 'Generate problem report', you will see this form. (v1.76 and above)

If you are having issues with the program a problem report can be generated.   The problem report consists of saved logs, the error/debugging log, registry settings, and an explanation of the problem.   The program can attempt to automatically send the report to via ftp.*   If the ftp process fails (usually due to hospital system firewall restrictions) you will be notified and you will need to send me the report file via email.   The file will be saved to your desktop titled  

A problem report is also automatically created after certain types of errors with the program.


*Sunquest/CPL versions of Ol Monitor only.

HMS version does not utilize Smarterm.


2 . Hide/Show Smarterm OLEHide/Show Smarterm OLE

Hide/Show Smarterm OLE

You usually do not have to interact with the Smarterm server so the Smarterm window can be made invisible and runs in the background.   If you do have a need to interact with the server or see what it is doing, you can click Show to see the server.   However if the script is completely hung up it will never get the message and Smarterm will remain hidden.   In this case the solution is to shut it down and restart completely.


3 . VersionVersion


Shows OlMonitor version.


4 . Online SupportOnline Support

Online Support

Click this to launch the support webpage of


5 . Session Session

Basically this just launches the website. is a screen-sharing app that has proven to be the simplest to install and use.

You will need to contact me to setup a time to do the screen-sharing/web meeting.  

I have found that screen-sharing is often the fastest way to troubleshoot.


6 . Locate OlProcessLog.txtLocate OlProcessLog.txt

Locate OlProcessLog.txt

"OlProcessLog.txt" is the most useful file for troubleshooting.   This is the file I will usually ask you to send me if you have an issue that doesn't have a quick answer.

A "problem report" contains several other files in addition to the OlProcessLog, but if you just want to quickly get to this file it will open the folder.


If you are not familiar with digging around on a pc and emailing files, it might be easier to just download and run the OverSeer companion app.



7 . DebugDebug


Clicking this will open up 3 boxes of diagnostic use on the main screen.

They contain settings path info, the raw list data, and patient lines from scanned logs.


8 . View Debug LogView Debug Log

View Debug Log

The "Debug log" and OLProcessLog.txt are one in the same.

You can view the text outputted to the log in real time.   It will appear in front of the test list display.

Click again to hide the debug log.

9 . Check for updateCheck for update

Check for update

Click to launch the OlMonitor auto-updater.

At this time there are some issues with the auto-updater included with the installer.   You may get some error messages in the update wizard asking if you want to continue updating, click yes past these.   Also it may seem to take a very long time to check for updates.   Contact me if you would like to avoid using the updater and download directly.

*New updater available in versions 1.90m and above.   More info here:

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