PL Tab

PL Tab

Activate and control the Pending log here.


*Sunquest/CPL versions of Ol Monitor only.

HMS does not have this.

1 . PL module checkboxPL module checkbox

PL module checkbox

Turn PL module on or off.   The PL Module can be used along with both the OL and HRP logs.

Because there are quite a few prompts in the Pending log menu, it takes more time to call up the Pending log than you may be accustomed to with the Overdue log.

You can set a lower refresh time under Misc settings to compensate.


2 . Start time offsetStart time offset

Start time offset

The Pending log allows you to set a starting time cutoff.   With this control specify how far into the past, or future, that you want to search for tests.

*If the text changes to a red color, you have selected an invalid time range.

3 . Cutoff time offsetCutoff time offset

Cutoff time offset

Set an end time for the search.

*If the text changes to a red color, you have selected an invalid time range.

4 . Other optionsOther options

Other options

These options, for the most part self explanatory, correspond to the options in the PL menu.

5 . Pending log functionPending log function

Pending log function

The function you would call in Sunquest roll-and-scroll to get to the Pending Log menu.

If you do not have the "PL" tag setup to take you directly to the Pendling Log menu then you should use the report menu function ("LO") here instead.

If you are not sure just leave this setting blank.

6 . PL Serial numberPL Serial number

PL Serial number

If you have a serial number for the PL module you can enter it here.  

It will not ask you for it again unless you lose your settings.

The number of days remaining in your PL module trial period also shows here.

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