Quick filters

Quick filters

A quick exclusive filter of any field on the display can be created simply by right-clicking on a test.


1 . Right clickRight click

Right click

When you right click on any test, a pop-out menu will display a list of fields you can filter on.


2 . Field selectField select

Field select

Select the field to filter on from the list.

You can filter on any field.   The filter created will be an Exclude type filter.

*Note: The 'Tag' input box will show after you have selected a field.

After creating the filter, anytime text in that field matches the text you selected, it will be filtered out.

You can always go back and modify or delete filters in options under the Filter tab.

Click 'CANCEL' to abort creating the filter.

Although you can create a Coll Time, Rec Time, or Proc Time filter here, it will not work the way you think it will.   See filters options for info on creating Time filters.


3 . Name filterName filter

Name filter

The filter text will default here.

You can rename the filter if you like.

You cannot create a filter with a blank space name.

4 . Click filterClick filter

Click filter

Click OK to save the filter or Cancel to abort.

Voila! With only 3 clicks you have created a filter!   The filter is exclusive and will filter out any test matching the field you chose.  

So if you clicked 'Test: WCBCA' you will no longer see 'WCBCA's on the list.   If you clicked 'Accession: X22280' you will no longer see that accession on the list.   Quick filters are handy for filtering out specific tests that linger on the list uncompleted but otherwise theres nothing left to do about them.   They are also useful for creating a starting point for defining more complex filters from the options menu later on.

*Click reprocess to apply the filter.


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