Display Fields

Display Fields

You can pick which fields to display.


1 . Read Smart dataRead Smart data

Read Smart data

If your site is not on Smart it's best to un-check the read smart data option.

If you do have Smart and you are not seeing fields you want like "LAST SPOT", enable this option.


*Sunquest/CPL versions of Ol Monitor only.

HMS does not have this.

2 . Read consituent testsRead consituent tests

Read consituent tests

Normally most labs are only interested in the panel names, not listing every individual assay.

However in some situations this can be very useful, listing the partially completed tests in an area such as Blood Bank for example.

*Note: If you enable this feature and constituent tests still do not show up, try also enabling the 'Read Smart data' option, even if your site does not have Smart.


In the example below, typically the panel 'TYSC' only would display for both patients.

However the first patient just needs a DU and the other a full Type and Cross.   Enabling 'Read Constituent Tests' will allow you to see the partial assays.


A good idea if using this option is to enable the 'Condense tests' option on the Advanced screen.   Ol Monitor will attempt to list the parent panel first, then the assays, all on the same line.   Finally using a sort by test can also help make the display consistent.   Contact me if you need any help on this one.

3 . Display fieldsDisplay fields

Display fields

Check the fields you want displayed on the screen.


With newer versions of Ol Monitor you may see a lot of fields you do not recognize.

These fields were added for the HRP and PL reports in Sunquest, the CPL (Sunquest commercial) labsystem, and the HMS labsystem.

The extra fields that your labsystem and HRP/PL report option do not support will be disabled.


4 . Proc timeProc time

Proc time

The process time is a calculation that is not present on the outstanding log, it is added by OL Monitor.   The process time is calculated from the receive or collect time.   If the specimen is received the process time is the number of minutes from the time the specimen was received to the current time.   If the specimen has not been collected the process time is the number of minutes from the collect time to the current time.

You can force the time to be calculated always one way or the other on the Advanced tab.


5 . Smart data fieldsSmart data fields

Smart data fields

Here you can select to display the various new fields shown by Smart.

If you are a Smart site you can enable this.   For some reason somtimes some of the fields don't appear on the OL log.   If this happens you might want to contact Sunquest.

However, if you know a field is appearing on the OL log but it is not picking up on OL Monitor, contact me for a fix.


*Sunquest/CPL versions of Ol Monitor only.

HMS does not have this.

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