TAT sound/color

TAT sound/color

Options for color changes and sound cues for the selected TAT are defined here.


1 . Play soundPlay sound

Play sound

Check this box to have a sound play when a test is overdue.  


2 . Rec/UnreceivedRec/Unreceived


Choose whether the TAT applies to collected or uncollected tests.


3 . SoundSound


Click the browse button to specify a .wave (wave) file to play when the test(s) are overdue.   Click play to hear the sound.

An explanation of what will happen with the process time exceeds appears .


4 . Change text colorChange text color

Change text color

Check this box to have the test text change to a different color when a test is overdue.


5 . Color buttonColor button

Color button

Click this button to choose the text color.



6 . Done/AbortDone/Abort


Click Done to save your changes, Abort to discard.

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