Macro options, Refresh interval and IP

Macro options, Refresh interval and IP



1 . Refresh intervalRefresh interval

Refresh interval

The number of seconds to wait before refreshing the outstanding log.

Decrease this number to have a more real-time accurate display of tests.

Increase this number if you are worried about the load you may generate on the Sunquest server.

A very low number below 10 seconds may cause the script to get out of sync.


2 . Log capture timeoutLog capture timeout

Log capture timeout

(Versions 1.87j and above)

The setting controls how many seconds the Smarterm macro will wait for log capturing to complete.

The actual capture is the last step of the macro script.  

Normally this setting would be irrelevant as the log capture completes as soon as the end is detected.   However if you are having problems with runaway logs, or occasionally refreshing taking an eternity, you may want to play with this option.

HRP users: The HRP log may take a long time to generate and retrieve for some sites.   So for HRP the default was previously set all the way up to 720 seconds to give Sunquest time to return the report.

3 . Macro step waitMacro step wait

Macro step wait

(Versions 1.87j and above)

Since the advent of Waystring, users have noticed that the Ol Monitor Smarterm macro does not step through the menu as quickly as before.   The extra wait was added to make sure Sunquest and the macro stay in sync.

You can attempt to speed up log generation by adjusting this value.   It is the number of seconds that the macro waits before detecting it's location in the menu and sending another response.

You may also want to try slowing it down if you are having trouble with the macro getting out of sync with Smarterm, particularly when the Sunquest server is busy or doing a nightly backup, it can become quite sluggish.


Therefore use this setting with caution, it may work fine for you to speed the macro up in your testing during the day but later cause problems if you have it set too low during the late night server bogdown.


*NOTE: If it appears the macro is taking much longer for each step than what you have input here, there may be another issue.   Try disabling Error Logging to see if that speeds up the Smarterm macro.   If so, the Smarterm macro is getting bogged down each time it tries to write to the Error log

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