Department filter

Department filter

This is an old feature that only exists in current versions for compatibility.  

Instead of using Departmental Filters you can use the "Dept" field in your regular filters.  

See 'new field added' section here:



*Old versions (lower than 1.79) only:

You can 'filter in' specific departments quickly using departmental filters.   If this box is unchecked and/or the list is empty, all departments will be included.




1 . Add/Delete departmentsAdd/Delete departments

Add/Delete departments

Old versions (1.79 and lower) only:

You can add or delete the list of departments to view.

The department name is listed at the top of every page on the Overdue log.

The department filters work off of whatever code appears at the top of the Overdue log page:





          02/28/2012                                                                           Whatever   HealthCare, Inc.                                                                                           PAGE

            08:14                                                                       OVERDUE TEST LOG FOR Chemistry\: WHE1                                                                                     1  

So here the chemistry department code is WHE1.  

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