Options window - General

Options window - General

The options window is where you configure all your custom settings.


1 . TabsTabs


Click the tabs above to choose which category of options to work with.

It is not necessary to save your settings every time you switch tabs.


2 . Pop-up helpPop-up help

Pop-up help

Hovering your mouse over most any button or control will display help or information about the option.


3 . OK buttonOK button

OK button

Click Ok to save changes and exit.


4 . Cancel buttonCancel button

Cancel button

Click Cancel to discard any changes to your settings.


5 . Apply buttonApply button

Apply button

Click Apply to save changes without exiting the options window.


6 . Help buttonHelp button

Help button

V1.89q and above: Clicking the help button will launch the online help for selected tab.

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