Setup options for HRP monitoring.

The HRP report, among other things, can be used to check on outstanding nurse-collected/micro specimens and restricted orders.


To get started using HRP module to pull the ADT Error log Report, see this blog post:

More info on HRP reports.


*Sunquest/CPL versions of Ol Monitor only.

HMS does not have this.

1 . HRP checkboxHRP checkbox

HRP checkbox

Quickly enable/disable HRP module.

HRP data can be monitored by itself or along with Overdue Log and Pending log data.

*Prior to version 1.88j, there were some confusing options here for using HRP in combination with OL/PL.   New options explained here.

2 . HRP report optionsHRP report options

HRP report options

You can select as many reports as you like here.   Data from each report will display together on the main display.

As you select a report it's respective settings will be displayed below.   You need to click 'Done' to save after modifying a report's settings.

More info on HRP reports:

New HRP options

ADT error report setup

HRP module announcement

3 . Start time and Cutoff timeStart time and Cutoff time

Start time and Cutoff time

Set the start time and cutoff time for the HRP report.

Note: If you leave these both at '0', nothing will appear on the report!

*If the text changes to a red color your date range is invalid.

4 . POD optionPOD option

POD option

3 ways to pull the HRP ONP report.

(does not apply to the ADT or OEE reports)

5 . Location/Department listsLocation/Department lists

Location/Department lists

You can add multiple Locations or Departments for the ONP report.

(does not apply to the ADT or OEE reports)

6 . ADT Error Log optionsADT Error Log options

ADT Error Log options

You can opt to see All or only New errors.

High,Lo,Both, is an option to pull only Hi or Lo priority errors or Both.

(Does not apply to the ONP report)

7 . HRP Serial input boxHRP Serial input box

HRP Serial input box

After purchasing an HRP module license, enter the serial number here.

After successfully entering your serial the box will no longer appear the next time you open options.

8 . Interface NumberInterface Number

Interface Number

Interface number: select Sunquest interface number for HRP report.

Interface number is usually a number followed by a letter: '5A', '2E', ...


Hospital ID: May not be necessary.   Enter your hospital ID.

9 . Interface Report OptionInterface Report Option

Interface Report Option

*With version 1.88j and above, this option is probably irrelevant.   New macro code automatically selects the correct report option.


Versions 1.88j and below ONLY: Since the number for the report options vary from site to site/ user to user, you will need to find out what number to enter in 'Interface Report Option'.

The report options typically are:

1.   ADT Transaction Log Report

2.   ADT Error Log Report

3.   Order Entry Transaction Log Report

4.   Order Entry Error Log Report

5.   Orders Not Processed


Version 1.86- only option 5 'Orders Not Processed' is supported.

Version 1.88- ADT Error Log Report option supported.

10 . Abort/DoneAbort/Done


You need to click on Done after modifying your options for them to save.  

Abort will discard any changes.

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