Filter list

Filter list

This listbox contains the list of defined filters.

You can create a single, complex filter or create several filters for managability.

The order of the filters is important so for multiple filters some experimentation may be required.


1 . Filter listboxFilter listbox

Filter listbox

List of defined filters

Click in the above box and type a name for your new filter.


In this quick example list of what you can do with filters, we have a StatsNSurgery inclusive type filter to get Stats only and also surgery locations.

After that the VarTestsExcSur filter excludes various tests unless they are from surgery.

Finally the AtLst10MinOld is a ProcTime filter that excludes any test that has not been in the lab at least 10 minutes.


For more info see the Filter example topic.

2 . NewNew


Click New to define a new filter


3 . Copy w/ new nameCopy w/ new name

Copy w/ new name

A workaround since simply renaming a filter caused issues, you can copy the current filter to a new filter with a new name, then delete the old one.


4 . ModifyModify


Modify the currently selected filter.


5 . DeleteDelete


Delete the currently selected filter.


6 . Move UP/DOWNMove UP/DOWN


Move the selected filter up or down on the list.   The order of the filters can effect how they work together.


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