TAT Stat/Other

TAT Stat/Other

A stat sound, pending clear sound, and test complete sound can be defined here.


1 . Stat soundStat sound

Stat sound

A stat sound can play when a new 'stat' test appears on the list.

Here you can define a list of priorities considered stat.


2 . Stat sound buttonStat sound button

Stat sound button

Enable/disable stat sound.

Browse for and test the stat sound.


3 . Pending clear soundPending clear sound

Pending clear sound

Some labs are actually able to occasionally clear the list of all pending tests, if this occurs a pending clear sound can play, signalling time for everyone to take a break.


4 . Test complete soundTest complete sound

Test complete sound

If you really enjoy sounds you can have a sound play once for each test that goes off the list.   If you choose a sound that is more than one second long this can become truly annoying.   When multiple tests go off the list this sound plays more rapidly.  


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